Toraja 3D2N

Death rituals are what the Torajans are known for, and why travelers go to Tana Toraja, or the Land of Toraja. It’s not sure if tourists would be so keen on seeking out Torajan death rituals if the surrounding landscape aren’t so enchanting and its architecture so impressive. Tana Toraja is in the highlands of Sulawesi, Indonesia’s fourth-biggest island and by far its most strangely shaped, resembling the offspring of an amoeba and an octopus. Treks are also popular, such as a two-day hike into the hills with an overnight stay in the Torajan village of Limbong.

From there, set off through the rice fields, hiking across and up and over and around terraced rice paddies. It is exhausting but great fun. Farmers, water buffalo, and emerge into a compound that appears more like a museum display, at its center a gorgeous tongkonan, the traditional ancestral home of the Torajans, with a massive saddleback roof that rises to two peaks like a stylized Viking ship. Beneath, an A-frame structure intricately carved with buffalo and other motifs and painted in striking tones of red and ocher as well as black and white.

DAY 01

  • Prefer morning arrival at Makassar Airport (No Meals)
  • Meet and greet with your tour guide as the driver / tour guide at Makassar Airport or at the Hotel in Makassar
  • Transfer straight to Toraja Land, lunch stop at Pare Pare 
  • Coffee Stop at Gunung Nona, Bamba Puang / Lakawan
  • Arrive late in the afternoon at Rantepao (Toraja) then check in to the chosen hotel
  • Free at own leisure, we can take you to the local restaurant if you need a dinner outside the hotel
DAY 02

  • Early wake up around 4:00
  • Transfer to Lolai “The Village above the Cloud”, enjoy the view with a cup of Toraja coffee and fried banana
  • Drive back to the hotel and have a short rest and breakfast
  • Around 11:00 drive towards Ke’te Kesu (traditional Toraja houses Tongkonan Complex)
  • Visit Londa, the cave and stone grave
  • Lunch time can be held at Makale before proceeding to Burake Hill for a scenic aerial view of Makale
  • Afternoon coffee and “deppa te’tekan” is also included in the trip
  • We can take you to a local restaurant if you need to have a dinner outside the hotel
DAY 03

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check out, transfer to Airport of Makassar / Makassar City
  • Lunch stop at Pare Pare
  • Arrive in Makassar afternoon +/- 16:00
  • Drop at Airport Makassar / Makassar City
  • End of services