18th Asian Games 2018 – Participating Nations


Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)

Founded on 5 December 1982 in New Delhi, India, the OCA is the governing body of all sports in Asia, charged with the mandate to supervise and encourage sport at the highest competitive levels. It is the sole organisation which oversees amateur sports in Asia, and the representative authority in all other bodies responsible for Olympic, Continental, International and other World Games. A constitution created on 13 February 1949 by the OCA rules that Asian Games will be held every four years, midway between the Olympic Games. Further information regarding the role and objectives of the OCA can be sourced at their website : www.ocasia.org.

Local Organising Committee: INASGOC

INASGOC, the Indonesia Asian Games Organization Committee, is the organising committee for the 18 th Asian Games Jakarta Palembang 2018 hosted in Indonesia. As the organiser of the Asian Games, INASGOC complies to OCA’s regulations set forth in the cooperation contract between the Indonesian government with OCA on the host city’s contract.

Participating Nations